Improve sleep and destroy fatigue; the only two apps you’ll ever need.

Written by:

Jorn Kirkels

Peak performance coach

Do you wake up groggy in the mornings? Are you thinking about your tasks and responsibilities when trying to fall asleep? Sleep can be troublesome in our hectic entrepreneur lifestyles, but luckily, there are easy ways to fix this. Because your time is valuable, I’ll make it practical;

  1. SleepCycle

Hacking your sleep cycles with SleepCycle

How is it possible that you sometimes, mostly when waking up without an alarm clock, feel such energy waking up, and other times, feel like everything is going to fall? This is based on the following fact;

Falling into sleep needs different forms of consciousness measured in brain waves. This all sounds pretty theoretical; here’s where it gets practical:

Each sleep cycle is around 90 minutes long. That means that you’ve experienced the three main phases;

  1. REM (dreams, mental recovery, creativity)
  2. Deep (NREM) – (Body recovery, energy, rest)
  3. Light (NREM) – (transition phase)

When waking up in the REM or Deep sleep cycle, we feel groggy, remember our dreams and have to orientate ourselves with where and sometimes even who we are. Waking up in the light sleep phase helps us wake up energised to start our productive day. Here’s where we go wrong;

Setting a basic primary alarm clock is playing Russian roulette with your sleep. When we’re lucky that night, we wake up in the light sleep phase; when we are unfortunate, we wake up in the deep or REM phase (which is 2/3 chance). That’s where this first app in our busy lifestyle comes in;

Instead of having a definite time, we create a window of preferably 30 minutes. So when you’re alarm is set now at 7:00, then it will be 6:45 till 7:15 or earlier. This will give our body the chancellor our body to change sleep phases, and we wake up energised every morning.

How the app does this, you’re maybe thinking?

The movement of your body (= sound that SleepCycle can record) is strongly correlated into strongly correlates to which sleep phase you are in. In REM sleep, for example, you are completely paralysed. Based on this, the app will ‘listen’ to which sleep phase you are in. Interesting right? We can go even a tiny step further;

Remember that your brain goes to different brain-waves brain waves (states of consciousness) to fall asleep? With sounds, we can stimulate our brains to change faster and easier. That’s where the following app comes in;

Optimising Brain-waves with

Falling asleep in scientific terms can be seen as going from ‘Beta’ – to ‘Alpa’ – to ‘Delta’. These are brain-wave states that our brain needs to fall asleep. Quality audio can help our brains guide these transitions to happen faster, sleep better, wake up energised, and impact the world we want. works with binaural beats; 

Binaural beats are a perception of sound produced by your brain. If you listen to two tones, each at a different frequency and each in an extra ear, your brain creates an additional style you can hear. This third tone is called a binaural beat. This has an impact on too which ‘brain-state’ we go to. And the good for us; is that it costs 0 minutes to implement but has a relatively significant ROI. 

There you have it. Two apps that will drastically enhance your sleep, but there’s more;

All of the above are some quick wins to boost your energy so you can make the impact you want with your ideas and businesses. 

Peakclub specialises in optimising busy professionals’ energy, focus and productivity so they can make the impact they want and are not held back by fatigue and brain fog. Everything we do is based on ROI; we track your data based on accuracy and importance and give you simple to implement feedback based on this data.

This is so you can focus on the things that matter, your business and relationships, and have the most impressive monk mode in your career.

Over the last three years, we’ve watched what over 200+ 7-figure business owners with a solid business and crazy amounts of focus are doing in their lifestyles to maintain this success.

And we found some exciting things that you won’t have thought of;

We’ve structured them in a sheet with the ten biggest quick wins with instant results for focus and concentration and decided to give this away for free. 

Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


Reach peak performance

Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


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Reach peak performance