Boost energy; an easy and natural way.

Written by:

Jorn Kirkels

Peak performance coach

Nothing is as irritating as fatigue and trouble concentrating that are holding you back from achieving your mission. Do you have trouble waking up energised? Do you want to feel that endless spark of motivation again for your business? Then this post is for you;

Energy is cause and effect. The harsh reality is that some things you are doing at this moment will cause you to feel this way. But this is also a good thing; it’s in our control. But where do we start?

Boost your natural clock; practical tips

One of the biggest causes we see with our entrepreneur clients that’s causing their low energy and brain fog is the following fascinating insight;

Their body doesn’t know when they should be awake and when it needs to be asleep.

Let me explain further before you click away; on January 1879, at his laboratory in Menlo Park, Thomas Edison built his first high resistance, incandescent electric light. From that moment on, our internal clocks (separate from all the excellent light brings us, of course) would be out of sync;

Rhythm, light, food and movement are the most significant signs of our body’s internal clock. This practically means for us as an entrepreneur that emailing our clients just before we close our eyes is not a good idea and the reason why you have trouble waking up. So let’s fix this instantly;

Some practical tips;

  1. Check your sleep chronotype on and adjust your rhythm accordingly.
  2. Use (preferably red) blue light blockers when working in the evening.
  3. .Use the 10-3-2-1 rule; 10 hours before bed, no stimulants (coffee, nicotine etc.), 3 hours no food, 2 hours no work and 1 hour no light. 
  4. Use magnesium (bisglycinate) and melatonin to adjust to your new rhythm 1 hour before sleep.
  5. .Have an evening ritual

I can assure you that your sleep will already be way better. Sleep is the foundation that is causing your lack of energy. 

The opposite we want to do in the mornings; we need to activate ourselves. Practical tips include;

  1. Cold exposure
  2. Increasing our heart rate by some push-ups
  3. Use SleepCycle or Pillow app to wake up in the correct sleep phase.
  4. Exposure to sunlight is critical; this has another intensity (measured in LUX) that we can’t see with our eyes instead of in office or room lighting.

Eat more fats

So, great. We have improved our sleep and feel more energy. But now the following happens; you’ll start and end your day in high energy, but you experience a big afternoon slump. This will cause your focus and productivity to suffer. 

Your breakfast causes this. Period.

Make sure you implement these practical tips to avoid the crash in the afternoon and get more work done;

  1. Eat as natural as possible (this we also call Paleo)
  2. Avoid bread and dairy. Change with shakes, salads, eggs, nuts, etc.
  3. Only eat your fruits after 3 pm.

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Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


Reach peak performance

Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


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Reach peak performance