Do not hire a fitness coach as an entrepreneur until you’ve read this.

Written by:

Jorn Kirkels

Peak performance coach

Why do so few entrepreneurs seem to have solid bodies and thriving businesses? It’s because of this secret.

It’s the ideal life. A great business, solid relationships and an attractive physique. Right? But unfortunately for most of us, this isn’t our current reality. Instead, we wake up groggy, overwhelmed, and stressed. So it makes sense that we start thinking about hiring a fitness coach to keep us accountable, get his expertise and transform our bodies. 

This thought makes sense, but why are so many professionals having trouble maintaining a healthy and attractive physique? 

It’s because fitness coaching won’t work for our lifestyle. In this post, you’ll learn three reasons why this is the case and what to do about it. So you can not only thrive with your business but also have a body you’re proud of, wake up energised and perform like the minority.

They optimise your aesthetics, not your body.

Is having a great body but feeling fatigued, brain fog and trouble focusing worth it? Many entrepreneurs we coach have the idea they have to choose one or another: business or health. But they forget this important fact.

The better your health, the better your performance, and the better your business.

And here is where many professionals go wrong by hiring a fitness coach: they ONLY optimise your aesthetics, not your health and performance.

The result?

A significant body, but waking up even more tired, brain fog and trouble concentrating.

So why is this the case?

That’s because:

They only tap into the first layer.

I’ve been a fitness coach for over five years in the past. During those five years, I’ve always been passionate about what the greats were doing to succeed with their bodies and business. We discovered the following secret:

Nutrition has different layers.

Most of the fitness coaches you and I know ONLY talk about the proteins, carbs, calories and tracking your meals. 

But they’re sipping energy drinks, have acne all over their body, and are mostly tired throughout the day.

The fault they (and I in the past) make is that they only focus on the first layer of nutrition: the effect on the aesthetics of their physique.

Here’s where they go wrong:

Nutrition contains two types of nutrients:

  1. Macronutrients
  2. Micronutrients

I keep it pretty simple for you:

Macronutrients = how your body looks and feels

  1. Fats (slow but steady energy)
  2. Protein (building blocks)
  3. Carbs (fast and quick energy)

Micronutrients = your focus and productivity

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals
  3. Trace elements

Here’s the problem and how to solve it. 

Most fitness coaches only focus on:

  1. Getting enough calories
  2. Getting enough proteins
  3. Eating a shitload of carbs before the training

That’s it.

Let’s see what we as entrepreneurs need to focus on to achieve and maintain not only an attractive and robust body but also a clear mind:

  1. Make sure what we eat is natural (so no energy drinks, protein bars, and whey protein)
  1. This causes brain fog, low energy and acne.
  2. This also makes sure we get all the micronutrients we need
  1. Eating the proper form of (slow) carbs. You can check this with something dull like the glycemic index. But it isn’t that boring if it boosts your energy and focus. Trust me; this one is game-changing.
  2. Use the correct timing of eating the proper macronutrients. 
  1. Fats in the morning
  2. Protein in the afternoon
  3. Carbs in the evening

I assure you, you’ll feel amazing AND have your dream body literally on autopilot. 

Some fitness coaches transform into health coaches. But they miss the last important factor:

It won’t fit your busy schedule.

Do you know them? The health geeks? 

I’m one myself, but just like you, I have a business to run, a family and relationships to manage.

So that’s the last layer of fitness coaching: transforming from a health coach to a performance coach.

This incorporates all of the above into your busy lifestyle. So it’s not only focused on getting in shape but getting in shape on autopilot with crazy amounts of energy and focus while doing it.

Performance coaching is about optimising your biology so you can impact the world you want to make. There’s nothing so annoying as wanting to get your ideas into the marketplace but being held back by grogginess, brain fog and aches and pains.

So the moral of the story is that fitness coaching is fine for some people, but for high achievers and professionals, it doesn’t apply to their lifestyle.

They need a service with a holistic ROI-based approach with measurable results.

Peakclub specialises in helping entrepreneurs like you make the impact they want to make by optimising their energy, focus and productivity through sleep, nutrition and movement.

Over the last three years, we’ve watched what over 200+ 7-figure business owners with a solid business and a substantial body are doing in their lifestyles to maintain this success.

And we found some exciting things that you won’t expect.

We’ve structured them in a sheet with the ten biggest quick wins with instant results and decided to give this away for free. 

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Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


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