More time and energy on autopilot: how to outsource your performance.

Written by:

Jorn Kirkels

Peak performance coach

What would you do if you had three hours more each day to spend with your family and relationships or building your business? Our lives as entrepreneurs are constantly moving; we receive new requests, client proposals and other responsibilities. This momentum is much fun for a while, especially in the beginning. Until it hits; 

Because of all these moving parts, you decided to go to the gym less, order the most convenient food and got the mentality ‘I sleep when I’m dead. In the past weeks, you noticed you didn’t feel the way you used to feel; you don’t get as much joy out of your business as you did before; you outsourced everything except your performance.

I know that sounds vague, but let’s look at how successful entrepreneurs outsource their health in 0 minutes so they can work with joy, focus, and feel transformational energy throughout the day. The following is an example from our client Thomas;

Waking-up energised.

Do you often wake up groggy? Not having the energy to start the day? You are not alone. Thomas did in the past as well. He began to Google for help and saw some simple tricks such as having the alarm on the other side of the room; most of you will also know these. But we had a different approach;

By tracking his sleep using an Oura ring, we saw exactly what was missing; his deep sleep was only 13% of the 8 hours he slept (he was also convinced he had to sleep for eight hours). The cause of this? Too much light in the evening, eating right before bed and some feed-scrolling in the mornings. But here’s the thing;

He didn’t have to use his willpower to wake up anymore so that he could spend it on his marketing agency. By wearing a ring, let our experts advise him to make small changes based on his biology. On top of that, he outsources his nutrition so that he has;

Never grocery shop and cook, only by choice.

The world of nutrition can be overwhelming, right? All the different diets and noise. Why is this the case? The simple answer;

Nutrition is personal. So different people have different experiences. The result? A world of noise and little knowledge about what you need to do to find this out yourself. Thomas experienced precisely the same;

He already had a ton of fitness knowledge, but his energy was still low. He had trouble concentrating and felt like napping in the afternoon. Through our done-for-you protocols, we saw in his biomarkers that he was sensitive to lactose (something found in Whey powder and other dairy products). When we eliminated all these nutrients, he had way more contentment, energy and joy in his business just by eliminating some ‘healthy’ ingredients. Based on these data points, we had set up his personalised Meal Paper with our second organisation Here’s where the magic happened for him;

  1. He knew his fully personalised nutrition, which he loved as well
  2. He had an utterly personal Meal Paper with all the nutrients he needed for energy and focus
  3. All the above we outsourced by a Peakmeals certified chef in his local area.

Because of this, we had a win-win:

More energy and more time free to spend energy on things that mattered to him; his business and relationships. Based on his sleep stats, and outsourced nutrition, we also had a fun add-on:

Muscle gain and fat loss on autopilot

Finding time to go to the gym can be difficult in our lifestyles as entrepreneurs. Some periods cause us to focus on the business and not on the gym, but after a sustained period, we will see and feel the adverse effects. That’s why the above system is so beautiful: we know what to do for each training, so we can gain muscle and lose fat on autopilot in a 10-minute workout. But where most fitness coaches go wrong;

The above is only possible when you’ve optimised your sleep (recovery) and personalised your nutrition by your needs.

So in 0 minutes of Thomas Thomas’s time, he makes sure he eats, sleeps and trains in the most efficient way possible using our unique methods. He experiences way more focus, energy and productivity because of this and never has to even think about all the above at all but only enjoys the fruits of it.

That’s the power of our unique, done-for-you approach for professionals desiring to make an impact.

Peakclub specialises in optimising busy professionals’ energy, focus and productivity so they can make the impact they want and are not held back by fatigue and brain fog. Everything we do is based on ROI; we track your data based on accuracy and importance and give you simple to implement feedback based on this data.

This is so you can focus on the things that matter, your business and relationships, and feel energised.

Over the last three years, we’ve watched what over 200+ 7-figure business owners with a solid business and crazy amounts of focus are doing in their lifestyles to maintain this success.

And we found some exciting things that you won’t have thought of;

We’ve structured them in a sheet with the ten biggest quick wins with instant results for focus and concentration and decided to give this away for free.

Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


Reach peak performance

Vittap x Peakclub - free sheet - 5 quick wins - Reach your peak performance


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Reach peak performance